Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dangerous Drugs

A new lecturer walks into class three days ago and started talking about "dangerous drugs" then she started outlining the side effects of using dangerous drugs. Note that dangerous drugs include drugs like cocaine, indian hemp et al.

Trouble started when she said the use of this drug has an effect on sexual performance.  This conversation ensued between my classmate and the lecturer.
Classmate: ma, please my friend said when he takes alcohol he last longer on the woman.
Lecturer: you are a professional, use the right words. Its meant to be it increases his sexual performance. Now talking about sexual performance, the man can't say he performs well because he's already high. That's the position of the woman. She knows whether he performed well or not ( class erupts into laughter).
Classmate: ok, but my friend also said the women on this drugs do not get tired easily and they enjoy it more.
Lecturer:  use the right word " orgasm".  And by the way, a person on drugs has euphoria so whether you touch her or not. She might just have that feeling ( laughter again

She's a new lecturer and sadly, she finished her topic that day and did I learn a lot? I did. Oh, her words are seasoned with grace. 

Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare

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  1. Sex with any form of drug sex is bad.. What about the exposure to stds

  2. hard drugs as the name implies is totally bad

  3. Oh the bad effects of drugs and some peoples distorted views of drugs - thanks for sharing such a beautifully written piece nne

  4. Hahahaha.... thanks for sharing boo

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