Saturday, July 18, 2015

What are your pet peeves?

A pet peeve or pet hate is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to himself or herself, to a greater degree than others may find it. There are a lot of things I really can’t stand and I won’t apologise for that cos I know you guys have yours too. So here are my pet peeves and I want to read yours too. Leggo…

1.What I call uncompleted greeting. I say 'good morning' and you answer me morning or same to you! Spoils my morning for sure! It's the good that makes it a greeting, otherwise it's just an announcement of a fact I already know!
2. Chewing food loudly…. 
3. Public Spitting. Watching spit leave your mouth and dangle in mid-air like Michael Jordan is disgusting.
4. When girls change their voice to try and be cute in front of guys #aarrghhhh#
5.  Constant invitation to play candy crush on facebook; this sometimes makes me want to scream and pull off my hair. Enough said
6. Selfies. I suck at taking selfies. Whenever I attempt to take one, it always takes me around 10 minutes to get a good selfie. My smile is too big or I was looking at the screen instead of the camera. Ask me and I would much rather prefer to let someone take the picture for me.
7. The fact that terrible singers/song writers are getting too much credit for their awful songs. Often the singing sounds like a drunk wolf. All they do is make a beat, put a couple synths in, add their terrible vocals……and walla! They have a song that will give them millions!  Even I can make a beat like that, put some synths in, and add some stupid lyrics………with a $30 software. (I do give them credit though for getting their songs on top of the market)
8. When people play their music with no headphones in public
9. Scraping a fork, knife or spoon on a plate #arrrghhhh# that’s the most annoying sound ever, and why can’t people eat without being do noisy with their utensils?  And for heaven’s sake, NEVER use an iron sponge to scrape a non-stick pan/pot. Some people are just plain idiots. Its called non-stick because the coating is meant to stay on and not be scraped off. Duh!

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  1. My pet peeve has to be taking selfies - I hate selfies with a passion oooo. One picture is ok, but ten? Also I hate it when spit and chew very loudly -

  2. Selfies has to be at the top of my list. Greetings!

  3. When people complain I don't greet them.aaarrrtgh, is it compulsory in greet?
    When airing your opinion use the calmest of all voice I detest when people shout, scream nag around me

    1. hahahah.... i keep saying salutation is not love

  4. Mine has to be regurgitating.... eat your food and let it stay down...don't start chewing your food 5 minutes after you cleared your plate. Not cool jor

  5. I hate selfies....I hate em!!!
    check out mine in the link....

  6. I hate when people drag their foot on the floor when walking....they cnt just lift it up...I get mad

    1. lolz... to think that i'm guilty of that #covers face#

  7. I hate when a woman thinks she got it gpin on and u look down and there is an inch of dry crust on the heels of her feet ewwww!! It's like go scrape and get some lotion!!! That is def my pet peeve!

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