Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nigerians and their over spirituality.

Nigerians eh, choi!!! We can be vewi spiritual sha... this morning, I woke up late and frantic (cos I had a class by  and rushed to the bathroom where as usual there would be queue. So I asked this girl in our usual hostel language 'is there anyone after you?' And she replied 'nobody is after me o.. How can somebody be after me? No one is after my life" ah ah!!! I jus weak. Shebi she should have just answered a simple yes or no.

As I stood waiting for her to finish bathing, then Ada's post I saw on facebook sometime ago came to my mind.  She had gone to use the ATM and asked a man ' sir are you the last person' and the man replied ' I'm not the last, I shall never be the last, I'm always the first' haba!!!
In a typical benin setting,you dare not use the cliche "are u serious?" As the person would reply " abeg people way da serious dey hospital".

Wanna try the market??? Just try and bargain and in a typical market woman attitude she barks, then you being nice will say " ah madam sowi o " she go just say ( in bini language) " I da forbid sorry o, people no go come tell me sorry" aaarrrrghhhhh...

Fast forward to my room, I recounted my ordeal to my roommates who reeled in endless laughter. I know this is funny but seriously, we need to chill on some stuffs mehn. One of my friends was sick a few days back and she kept saying I'm sick everytime. I rebuked her once and " by his stripes you are healed" . This is entirely different!!!
Oh well, some people are just...

Have you had any encounter like this? Drop your comment.

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  1. LOL!! Everyday situations like this abound - quick wit laced with a little bit of humour. Let me think of one and I'll be right back.

  2. Hahahahahahahah....I love this post. I remember my friend who was laid off from the bank called me once for financial assistance instead of her to tell me in plain terms she neeeded financial assistance from me she said she was rich and I should help her with some cash. She saw that I was confused nd went on to say her pastor said if u are broke always say you re rich nd when sick proclaim you are strong. I just shook my head nd went on with our discussion.

  3. Lol @ I'm not the last - some people are stupidly religious kmt. People like to imagine things

  4. Hahahaha, too spiritual for my liking, yet I do not see any visible difference

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