Thursday, July 9, 2015

l visited the therapist and here's what i found out...

Phavourites!!!! This is my first official rant post ( is it?) and that's because i wanted to give this a shot. l think i'm addicted to the internet l can't afford to be off civilisation and even when i don't post anything, l'm always on line. My friends always ask '"your bis da expire self?" lolz... buh he done expire self i no wan gree do... thanks to UNN WIFI...

How many of you have come across these nametests  or miniquiz app on your facebook wall recently probably taken by a friend? Well, since I'm all for fun and trying out new things l took a couple of the tests #heheheh# and  I really don't know whether to use Osayuwamen or Nosakhare or Favour to take the tests... So i stuck to Favour as any of the other names will give me a different result and here are a couple of things i found about myself...

l never watched cartoons or comics while growing up and l seriously don't know what Peter Pan is..

l agree i'm not unsociable but oh well, maybe i believe the 'touch' thing a lil bit..

 emmmm.... one of my friends called me 'A BAD BITCH' and it hurts.. but i'm reli nyc oooo

yea... so true

is that a good thing?

lolz... abeg i'm too blunt for my good... 

so should i go to france?

#lips sealed #

liar liar!!! pants on fire... me??? lick butter??? mba ooo.. body hair ke?  sing? maybe....

cute is a good word.

awwww.... l've been the Mom of the house since  Mom passed away... so thanks for the compliment.


hehehehhe.... THANK GOD FOR HIS SON JESUS i won't have to pay anything

So Phavourites that was how i spent my day online taking lousy tests... before i forget, have you followed us on twitter? our facebook page nko? whatchu waiting for?
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Nosakhare Favour Osayuwamen

Off to Church... wanna come?


  1. Choi you really had a handful

    am not a cartoon Fan too...I keep wondering what made my cousins laugh uncontrollable those days

    Pray for us

  2. I'm so addicted to the Internet that I don't know what I would do without it. When I was in Nigeria, I had very limited access and I started having withdrawal symproms.

    Haven't tried that app but I can see its so cool. How are you nne?

    1. yay!!!! now i ve anoda accomplice... lets form Internet Anonymous club na???? nne i'm fine o

  3. Your really had time, if I try this its to proof them wrong.

  4. I even saw one app,that says what animal looks like you, chai, this Internet thing eehn

    I am also addicted to the extent that when I sleep, I sleep type, gosh! It's becoming irritating, lolz

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