Monday, July 6, 2015

How to save time at a bad conference.

Network. Take the time to get to know people during the breaks and network, network, network. Meet people, ask them questions about their work/ anything.  You never know who you might meet by just asking some simple questions about what they do and what makes them get up in the morning everyday to do it.

Tweet. Get on Twitter and see what other people are saying about the conference. Keep up with what the main theme of the tweets. If other people are unhappy, you might want to find a place to meet up and have your own unconference sessions in the lobby or eating
areas. You can also choose to create your own hashtag for fun.

Take pictures. This is a great way to meet people and will also give you something creative to do. If you have a video camera, do some impromptu interviews. People are always flattered to become the subject of a blog post and might share some great info. You may not use any of the pictures or footage but you might just learn something new from someone else you talk to. You can also take pictures for keepsake/memoirs.

Use the door. Time is precious. If you have better things to do, leave and get them done. If youve traveled to the conference, take the time to sightsee. Learn more about the new city you are  visiting. Take the time to catch up with projects, emails, calls, news, gossip. This is protected time
youve captured for yourself anyway. Might make sense to make the most of it in other ways.

Feedback. Make sure to give the organizers honest feedback on how they could make the conference better in the future and where they fell short. This can be hard sometimes, but its valuable feedback for everyone. The organizers want to give everyone the best experience
they can. Only by receiving honest, polite feedback can they make the changes they need in the future.
Encourage others who arent enjoying the conference to do the same.

There is the possibility that while you find the conference a total waste of your time others might think otherwise. So, its inportant you sit and ask yourself questions like. Was I expecting too much? What standards was I expecting? Et al.

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  1. Interesting tips - shall put them all to good use hopefully

  2. I hardly go for conference, I don't know why. Too lazy to go. Maybe when next am convinced to go,I will make use of your tips.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. I hardly get bored at conferences or seminars. There must always be something new to learn. except am having a bad week, or tired. And i would rather not go to a conference that will bore me. Its useless

  4. Hmm! Nice tips and kept at the back of my mind, to be brought forward when the need arises.

  5. Feedback is better...Objective one at that!!!

  6. I love taking pictures!! Very good tips Favour!

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