Sunday, July 24, 2016

How roasted corn led me to Eunice

Osayuwamen!!!!!!!! Screamed an unknown voice behind me as I stood by the roadside purchasing roasted corn. I turned and saw this stunning lady with baby bump, I couldn't make out the face immediately because of the puffines. When I did, I literally shrieked. Here was Eunice! my secondary school classmate looking so different. Pregnant and beautiful, Jealousy immediately gripped my heart. Where was the timid girl I had once known?
I will never forget a fight she had with Gloria another of our classmate.

Now Gloria was a huge trouble maker but somehow always escaped punishment because she was related to the proprietor of the school.  I can't recall what exactly happened but I can remember Gloria saying something like ' when a lion and goat fights, the goat suffers' and Eunice in response said she knows she was the goat. I laughed so hard and I still do.
And here was  that girl who refused to fight because she was scared looking so adorable . We did some catching up and she said 'I'm now a hair stylist o, in case you want to make your hair'. I did patronize her sometime later and she did a very wonderful job; for once I braided my hair and the edges didn't go on vacation.
Few days ago, I got an international call and it was gloria. She sounded so sweet and warm. Somehow these people were just led to me when I least expected where as I've been looking for my primary 3 crush since forever and no one knows his where about. Don't ask me why o!
Has anyone ever gotten back with an old friend?

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Osayuwamen Favour Nosakhare 


  1. Old pals?. Nope.

  2. Yes, I have got back to few old friends. Some of them are worth reuniting with. Happy you found Eunice. :)

    You never know, your crush might find you soon. Lol.

    When I Ran Into An Old Friend 

  3. Not really! I am yet to hook up with some,

    I thought i will see roasted corn on this page,choi

  4. I have been able to get in touch with some old schoolmates. Some of the reunion turned out well, while others seemed to think they had become some sort of celebrity and as such, didn't at like it meant anything to them.

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