Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY On Ankara Clutch

Hello people!!! I'm  sharing this with you my lovely readers .enjoy!!!

Things you need:
1. A perforator or any puncher 2.Ankara fabric (half a yard would do)
3. Aluminum chain or jewelry
4. Coral beads (the spiky ones)
5. Office pins
6.Glue (E6000 or UHU would do just fine)
7. Fabric stay
8.A pair of scissors.

1. Tape measure
2.Embroidery yarn
3. Chalk

1. Spread open your clutch, position the fabric whatever way you want (here I chose to work with the diagonal shapes and positioned them evenly on both
sides.) Do same for sides of the clutch.

2. With a chalk or pen mark out the
edges of you clutch on the fabric.  

3. Cut out, but leave about an extra inch of fabric around the marking so you have something to fold later (you'll need that!)

4. Fold neatly along your markings and press with a hot iron to
hold in place, and with the same hot iron, press your fabric stay to the fabric to ensure thickness. (don't forget to cut out a hole for the clasp or you'll find that you wont be able to snap your clutch in place.) Do same for the sides
of the clutch.

5. Spread glue evenly across the surface of your clutch, and place you fabric over it, pressing gently.
Smoothen out the fabric so there are no folds glued in place.

6. Puncture holes on the flap to insert your jewelry into.

7. Sew in (with a needle and thread) your spikes – here i used coral beads to achieve a 'spiky' look because I wanted an overall african look. (optional – sew the clutch all round with a decorative, embroidered stitch.) You should have something like this:

Readers can write in to let me know
what they would like to see created and the most requests for a piece would be treated.


  1. this will be my next project. i really want to learn how to make this. thanks 4 d tips

  2. Yw. Pls do send pics when you are done. We wud love to get it publlished


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