Saturday, February 21, 2015

20 random facts about me.

     Tick tock... tick tock... and my bornday is exactly one week from now. Yay!!!# drum rolls#  l really need to stop talking too much but then again y'all should make me your friend o.  Enough said just read this. 
1. I hate berets, it makes my head looks really big.
2. I hate unripe plantain and it’s even worse if cooked with beans as porridge. It just makes me irritable
3. I hate a disorganized room or wardrobe. I can't seem to bring myself to imagine how people navigate easily in such clustered environment.
4. I hate all forms of pity. Don't give it to me and I don't need it either.
5. I'd rather wash the dishes and cook than vacuum or mop the floor.
6. I love my brother, he reminds me so much of my mom.
7. My friend’s mom is my biological clock official ringtone.
8. I wish I was Kyle XY
9. I love Joseph Prince to a fault.
10. I hate high heels. I don't care what Steve Harvey has to say about it.
11. I talk to myself.
12. Bread is my favorite food.
13. I eat and dance when I'm sad
14. Call me stupid but I do believe in horoscopes. I'm Pisces and it shows clearly.
15. Water is my favorite drink ever. Im a cheap date.
16. I love saving. It’s one of my greatest assets.
17.  I'm an introvert extrovert. Doesn't sound right, does it? Well, that's me. I can spend days even weeks cooped up in my room doing God knows what. But I have an active Social Media life e.g. I've got you, my Blogger friends, facebook friends, the weirdest people on Twitter etc. So I'm always smiling at my phone.
18. God loves me. I would have said I love him but then that's not enough.
19. I'm a hopeless romantic but I'm always denying it.
20. I've got a bad history with chemistry.
21. Crime based TV shows and series intrigue me. Same with novels. Forget about chick flicks they are almost never in my collection.
22. I had this huge crush on Wentworth Miller until I discovered he was gay. #sad eyes#.
23. I praticed not being attached to people, makes it hurt less when they leave.
Phew!!! Its meant to be 20 rite?

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