Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 freaking things you can do with Coca-Cola.

Hair Curling.
Is it impossible for you to have curly hair? Open a can of cola out and leave it overnight, the next day pour it over your hair and rinse after a few minutes. Viola

Dirty Laundry
If the kids or you went did a lot of dirty works and you have that strong smell that is impossible to get out, pour some cola on the clothes before putting them into the wash , wait 15 minutes and wash, you will notice how fresh the clothes smell after. You can also use it for fish smell

Window Cleaner.
Coca cola contains citric acid which is just right for cleaning grease and dust off windows. Just get a cloth, pour some coke on there and start cleaning. You will be amazing at how easy the dirt comes off. Keep in mind people drink this stuff on a daily basis.

Toilet Cleaner.
If you have a lot of build up in and around your toilette, pour coca cola all over the dirty area and wait a good 15 minutes and watch the gunk spread away from the clean part. Grab a cloth and wipe away

Car battery crud.
The crud that accumulates around the terminal and wires of the battery gets thick and grimey, water and cleaning products might not work so well, so grab a cloth and pour some coca cola on there and watch the dirt be swept.

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  1. Amazing.... Will try it... Tnx for the Info.... Muuuahhh

  2. Good tips but now concerned to drink coca-cola, thinking what's it doing to my body & health.

    1. Hahahah @ anonymous. Coke is still my favourite drink o.. Don't be discouraged you hear. Fanks for the comment .

  3. didn,t knw coke can do that

  4. Yea.. Me too.. Fanks for stopping by.

  5. If coke can do all ds den it shld b banned 4rm human consumption. It must b causing serious damage 2 d human body cos its working like bleach. I never liked it cos of d gas.

  6. Well!!! Its still has its good points. Some substances are toxic buh still has its good effects. Tanks AMMY

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