Sunday, February 22, 2015

Soooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l have a new boyfriend

Sorry about the misleading heading guys.
A little game I sometimes play is I switch over to the local Christian TV channel and see how long it takes for the preacher of the moment to mix law with grace. Its not a game I enjoy!
The more I appreciate the significance of Jesus sacrifice, the more sensitive I become to those who try and tell me it was not sufficient, that I need to do stuff to stay forgiven/holy/righteous.
Nothing makes my blood boil faster.
Aside the cool demeanor, laughs, silly jokes and occasional mood swings. I'm a very spiritual person. I can confidently boast about Gods love for me because I can't love him enough. For sometime now Creflo Dollar and Joel Osteen ministries have been my obsession and I still love them to a fault. Well, recently I just got hooked to this Singapore pastor that speaks as if he were
from Israel

Yay!!! Joseph Prince. #what a breath of fresh air#

If youve never heard him preach, youre missing out. At the end of each 22 minute segment we (my bro and I)  are usually so inspired we want to leap up and start celebrating Jesus. Mr. Prince is an excellent communicator. He makes deep water revelations simple and easy to grasp. Here are excerpts from some of his messages/books
1. The law justified no one and condemned the best of us, but grace saves even the worst of us.
2. God does not leave you wondering whether you are saved or not. He tells you outright that you are His and that nothing can ever separate you from the love of Christ. Not even sin because His blood is greater than your sin!
3. Even though the law is holy, just and good, it has no power to make you holy, just and good.
5. Sometimes, when I hear the way some preachers preach, I really wonder, has the cross changed anything? The system of being blessed when you do good and being cursed when you
Fail was already in place before Jesus came. Why are they still teaching that we are under that system today? Dont negate the cross of Jesus. The cross of Jesus changed everything.
6. Knowing that you are completely forgiven destroys the power of sin in your life.
7.  Look at all the people who received miracles from Jesus during His ministry on earth. Not a single one of them deserved it. They did nothing to earn their miracles On the other hand, we dont find any record of those who were trying to deserve blessings from God the Pharisees receiving anything from Jesus!.
8. Let me teach you how to discern if the grace teaching that you are hearing is doctrinally sound. When you hear the new covenant of grace preached, it is always Christ-exalting. It always reveals more and more of Jesus There is no grace without Jesus. Grace is not a doctrine. Grace is a person and His name is Jesus. Therefore, there is no grace teaching without
Jesus Christ. You cannot separate Jesus and grace!
 Truth is I'm a cheerful giver. Join me and let's get to understand a new level of grace like you've never known.

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  1. So true i also like his teachings

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