Monday, February 23, 2015

5 cool ways for ladies to make money in the University.

Have you ever been so  broke you start thinking of robbing a bank or doing something silly? Trust me, I've been there so many times and its not a good place to be. And sometimes for the female folks the pressure is much and your values are being weighed in the balance. So here are cool/decent ways to make money in the university.

1. Ushering.
 Ushering jobs pay quiet well and is something you can do as a student. The pay ranges from five thousand to twenty thousand naira for just one job. Find a good ushering service and join so they can contact you whenever there is a job

2. Modelling.
This can be frustrating especially when you have agencies giving you false hope. The trick is to join a good agency that will supply you with constant jobs  and you'll make some cool cash doing some runway jobs. If you're agency is well connected you can even get major jobs like billboards and tv adverts. They pay for modelling jobs range from 5 thousand to some good millions.

3. Disk Jockey
Yes you can, I have seen many female djs and they're good too. So if you have a flair for music and think you can do it, then do it. You could make small menial cash dj-ing at your colleagues events and work part time in a club.

4. Home Tutor
 Its easier for a boy to organise tutorials in the university but for a girl it might be kinda weird so instead of that, you could tutor little kids in primary and secondary school. This job gives you time for yourself too and keeps your brain active. Print out some posters and paste them
around asking people to contact you if they need a tutor for their kids. The pay ranges from 10k to 30k.

5. Make up artist
This is very lucrative. You could go for weddings, beauty peagent etc. Just be good at what you do and you will make lots of cash even through referrals.

These are just jobs you can do with little or no capital. You could also rent out gowns, or bake pasteries that can be sold through a sales girl.
Hope I helped?

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