Saturday, February 7, 2015

Women only.

“…I just want a God-fearing man…”

***Spoiler alert** this is not a sermon, sorry. For deep religious perspective, maybe I will do that in some other article.

***Safety alert** to the men reading this (but then I cant understand why, I mean, just take a look at the title) the wrath of some ladies is about to be incurred. You are strongly advised to proceed to place empty pot over head as detailed in diagram 1 of the included leaflet on precautionary measures, and to hold the pot cover in the fashion illustrated there.


After extensive and in-depth field research within its expected natural habitat, our scientists have made some salient findings concerning the god-fearing man (well, the version of such a man most girls have in their minds, anyway)

It isnt that he is scarce, or that you havent searched properly or prayed well enough. And its certainly not that he doesnt like women, or that he is always in the church and does not want to be found. It is just one simple, constant fact.

The man does not exist.

Our scientists shall explain:

“…I just want a God-fearing man…” is all well and good for a woman to say, when that is what she actually wants. But then, she would also have to ask herself this question

Would a God-fearing man want me?

Now, back to our findings Ladies, what some of you really want is a god-fearing man who can also eat you up expertly and slay you with the stamina of a horny pornstar juiced on sildenafil.

I dont think the Holy Spirit inspires men that way but Ill ask next Sunday just to make sure.

Now, consider a scenario where a man is holding together his household as reasonably as this messed up economy of ours permits. He has his shit together and he does his family. responsibilities as he should. Every other thing is
fine except for one oft repeated statement

“…he doesnt satisfy me sexually…”


****Disclaimer** We have no personal experience in thecollation of that sort of data

Doro boss Hmmm Doro skillful Ehen!

More importantly, our research fellows have heard it said on many different online fora by many other people, so they know of what they speak.


But hold on. First of all consider that the man in question is in no way impotent, and that after the days exhaustion of doing his work diligently as a God-fearing man should; promptly, without avoiding it and without cutting corners, he still returns home early.

Note that here I said home, not mama Nkechis beer parlour that is just down the street and around the corner, close-by.

He returns home to give you some sweet-sweet loving as best a healthy man can, but his efforts which should be seen as no way sloppy to someone without a gene for nymphomania begin to fall flat to your expectations of
wild, tantric and acrobatic sex.

“…He doesnt care enough to go down on me…”

****Personal advice** I think you should consider that at least he doesnt care enough to go down on other women!

Now hold on. This is only for people who are married. I once saw a seventeen year old holding a placard saying something like AIDS free generation Without condoms, no sex Be wise enough to condomise…” blah blah

That boy is supposed to be at home watching Naruto or gaming his playstation, not thinking about sex without condoms.

Now dont get me wrong. It is very well known that at that age, youths brains are steeped in the soup of hormones and unrealistic ideas about love propagated by the media, trashy novels, and misguided friends.

As my Anambrarian friend would put it

“…Hormones ejero akwukwo. Ha amaro ife…” (hormones didnt go to school, they dont know anything).

What youths of that age need is a sense of purpose. Anything constructive that takes a huge chunk of their leisure time, be it extra reading to acheive higher grades at school and get more swag for that or something as simple as beating a new games high score.

Not least of all, the ever important need for the guidance from their parents.

If all these are done, perhaps there would be fewer of the broken hearts reconcilable with prematurely broken hymens, and respite from porn, frequent masturbation and from embarassing erections that occur at random.

But I digress

The results of our findings have led our team to believe that this is what most women who say I just want a God- fearing man…” actually mean:

“…I just want a player whose attentions would remain solely with me…”

But that doesnt even make sense, now does it?

The player, as opposed to the God-fearing man in its natural habitat, has in the course of his life acquired a very special set of skills which make him the player that he is.

He will look for you He will find you And he will *hold your hand* you.

He will *hold your hand* you, reeeeeal good.

Now, some women actually expect a player to forsake all his other missions and then focus solely on their own objective when they get married. But how can you reasonably expect him to eschew the characteristics that make him who he is, which was what endeared you to him in the first place?

Wait. Let me ask Ifa

But if by any fat chance the player does change, and hes no longer the swarthy, sex oozing demi-god you had grown to lust after, sorry love, that is when anybody who cares to listen would begin to hear things like

“…Weve simply lost our spark…”

In response to this, Socrates made this erudite comment in 659 BC

Taa! Spark, faya! *mtscheww*


****Caveat** As for unmarried adults who have full responsibility for themselves, it is our firm belief that preaching is a waste of time. Anyone who has an issue with that could always comment below. People who pay their own bills should be able to live their lives however they
wish. We shall speak more on that later


Our researchers also encountered a randomly occurring variable which came up enough times to make them consider factoring it in

“…You men are heartless…”

Says the recently dumped woman who against better judgement remained with said player specimen for his extensive narrow point immersion explorations, where after frequent occasions of passage, narrow has become highly debatable.

In all, from this research, our analysts have drawn the conclusion that women are the creators of the player specimen. It can be scientifically proven

Now consider a body at rest, having negligible momentum to approach said woman mentioned in the above section because according to her:

“…Youre such a great guy. Every girl needs a guy like you Smart, caring, intelligent. The girl who finds you will be so lucky…”

***Observation** You yourself, you dont want to be lucky abi?

Now naturally, the guys mind would be something of the nature of


This will soon become the past though; some identifiable time when he had thought that being a gentleman would get him the girl he had only the noblest of intentions for.

Youre going after the wrong girl someone might have told him. He wouldnt listen.

Following the same pattern, after three or so similar speeches, girl after girl puts said guy on a long thing.

Guy swears revenge on all women.

Said guy blocks the next chic and sweet-talks her into a dark corner for Aru aja so fast that he wonders what he had been doing wrong all that time prior. He feels her clawing all over him, dragging him and licking his erm eyeballs His eyeballs, yes.

****Comment** Aru aja could be connotatively said by my friends in the East to mean the back to the wall

It is not a noble art.

Now, the previously momentum-absent body feels all good inside. He feels a kind of power which had been to him up until that moment, only described.
A power that he never believed he could exploit because he believed he could never use it, or be a jerk to a woman simply for the fun of it.

Said guy leads same woman on a jolly ride until he has sucked enough life-juice from her and then decides to assign himself to a new mission Which of course brings us to:

“…You men are heartless…”



The next days morning paper headline would probably read like this:



WOMAN: I love him…”
MAN: Yeeeeh!
RELATIVES: Its the work of the devil
DEVIL: “…Na today?



So, my people Enjoy your lives! Get drunk, smoke, orgy, conceive, abort, have a line of cocaine thats as long as the River Niger

“…Its my life..!

Steal, murder, kidnap, extort, propagate hateful agenda in the name of any religion you deem fit.

“…Who go fit stop us..?

But in all this, just make sure you are ready to bear the full consequences of your actions ALONE, and not have a backup plan to come running to a purported foolishly all merciful, and easily deceived christian God when you realise that your life is upside down and that with your own hands you have been the sole architect of your doom.

“…The truth will set you free. But first it will make you miserable…”

What I am saying in essence is that there should be sincerity in all things, especially sincerity to oneself, gender irrespective. No matter how much we try to deceive ourselves, we all know what is right. Seek the truth, live the truth, be who you are and have no apologies for it. In your
journey through this life, youre the only thing you cant leave behind.

This article was published with permission from anakadrian

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