Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5 things every married man should do around single ladies.

Now, married guys are not my thing. Nor are guys who are attached (in a relationship), engaged, or in love with someone else (even if they are not attached). Im all about monogamy; guys who are involved with someone, be it
legally, physically, or emotionally would automatically be out of my consideration set. Not only would being with such guys be against my moral code, the fact that a guy can hit on me while being with another automatically eliminates him as someone Id ever be interested in, because Im looking for someone with strong values of honesty.Being hit on by married men got me thinking about marriages. While I have never thought about getting married (I think about life in  a sequential fashion, and I dont see the
point of thinking about marriage when Im not even with someone I love yet), I do think that marriage is an important milestone for many people.

But sometimes women can be really extreme same goes with men. Here are five tips for the married man.

1. Keep your ring on. There are very few exceptions for when that ring needs to be off, like when operating heavy machinery, swimming in shark-infested waters and the like. If you are
about to enter a situation that makes you look at your ring and consider if you need it on or not, leave! Run! Get away from there! Seriously, get out of that situation; your vows, marriage,
children and more depend on those important decisions.

2. Hang up pictures of your wife at work. A married man in this position would be wise to pick out a couple of great and fun photos of him and his wife and keep them displayed at his
office or place of work. Pick a time that was fun for two reasons: It will remind you why you love her so much, and it will make for a great conversation tool when others, especially women, ask about it. Update the image as needed to keep the people around you knowing your relationship is continuing to grow. Get that picture up this week and extinguish those flames.

3. Keep eye contact simple and short. Dont read this the wrong way; Im not saying to be rude. Im saying to be careful where your eyes travel and how long they travel when you are in the presence of an attractive single woman. You know that once you engage in the first serious look, you have signed the dotted line for more eye trouble. Keep it short, keep it decisive, and move on. Get back to that image posted at your desk. Go!

4. Keep conversation general and professional.
If you work around single women, there is no question that conversation will come up. Its up to you on how you decide to speak with her. You can choose to keep it short and general, you can
choose to keep it professional, or you can choose to keep it off of those and allow it go places it shouldn't. Be polite but very intentional in your conversations. If needed, again, always be ready to bring up something about your wife or family. Pull the pin, aim, and extinguish. Safety first.

5. Talk about your wife and family often. Did I mention anything about talking about your wife in conversation yet? I believe I did, but this last point brings the idea to a firm home.
The single women you engage with each day, if you have to, should be no match to your wife and family. Your family should be your first priority wherever you are and with whomever you encounter each day. Yes, each and every day.
Keep it short, keep it simple, and mention your beautiful wife. Now pat yourself on the back and keep it up.

Important note: No matter what you have done with your current relationships with single women, these steps can and should be started at anytime. Your wifes feelings are and will
always be more important than the woman you need to take these steps with. Get on it!

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