Saturday, September 28, 2013

2nd Commandment of your career.

Last week we talked about the first commandment under the five career commandments .

Here's the second commandment and it states MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Don't just wish and dream - go out there and do it. Now let's think about how you might achieve career goals. Its time to plan the steps that you will take to get what you want.

1. Take one step at a time
   Take time out to figure the things you could stop( things you don't like about yourself),start ( things that you would like to improve) ,and continue doing ( good things about yourself that you must persist with).
It's more important to write them on a piece of paper and put it somewhere prominent.

2. Identify your constraints.
   We all have barriers that stand in the ways of our carrier goals. Constraints falls interest a broad area.  Think about these areas and analyse what you need.

SKILLS ; do you have any skills you need?

EXPERIENCE ; do you have the right work experience?

FAMILY ; what are the needs of your spouse?

FINANCES ;do you need to pay for further education or training?

LOCATION ; are you tied to a particular geographical location?

HEALTH ;are you in good health?  do you have the energy to pursue your goals?

Look at your constraints . Which ones can you do something about?  which of them can you not change? If you honestly think you can't change them, do you perhaps need to change your career goals at all?

3. See yourself as others see you.
Peoples perception are rarely thesame as your perception of yourself. You may think you are ambitious and confident and others may see you as arrogant and ruthless. Again you may see yourself as caring and honest and others see you as tactless and smothering. Whatever the reasons people give for how they see you, just know that perceptions are double-edged sword.

4.Go for the grand plan.
   After breaking your goals into smaller units, find out what you plan to achieve, how you will go about it,who you need to get involved and when to do this.

5. Celebrate your success.
   One of the most important part of your plan are the answers to these questions. If you have missed your deadline find out why and what you can do about it. And if you have achieved it, take yourself out to dinner and celebrate. You have completed part of your career journey. 

Next week we would talk about the third commandment. Be safe

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