Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to give an acceptance speech

The big day is finally here and you are so overwhelmed with emotion you don't know what to say. Whether you are accepting a gift, a promotion, or an award. For those lucky enough to have to do this here are 7 useful tips to consider.

1.Don't make your speech too long. Have you ever heard an audience complain about a speech being too short? The audience will be pleased to see you accept the award and may want to take photos but they certainly don't want to hear your life history.

2. Try not to be controversial.  Acceptance speeches are usually given during a galaxy night, a coronation, an award ceremony etc. People are there having a good time- please don't upset the mood.

3. Don't try to be funny. If you are a naturally funny speaker, that's fine. If you are not don't force it. Instead of being funny, you could try to smile A LOT.  A bright, genuine, teeth-shinning smile usually has thesame effect on people as a joke -they smile back at you.

4. keep still.  Don't fidget too much. You will irritate the audience and may give the impression that you don't deserve the award.

5.Don't speak too quickly.  Know what you want to say and take your time.  This doesn't mean give a long speech but give a short speech slowly with expression.  Let the audience have time to take in what you've said.

6. Thank the people who REALLY made a difference. However don't stand there and list all your friends, your hairdresser, your mechanic, your plumber, and your bull dog.( Yes, people actually mention their pets!)

7. Acknowledge what the award is for and who voted for it, or who your opponents were if you won it in a sporting event. Acknowledge the rest of your team if the award/recognition is for a group work. Resist the urge to be selfish!.

When you are giving an acceptance speech, you must realize you are the center of attention.  You have just been named a winner, a champion, a new leader etc. Everyone is now looking up to you.

Hold these three things in mind: smile in happiness, acknowledge everybody involved, speak without notes.


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