Monday, September 30, 2013

The Porter's Soup

While wishing Naija happy birthday tomorrow don't forget to do thesame for Asuu.

Three months into the strike and I can't help but reminisce on the ups and downs of living in the hostel. While the hostel life could be fun 98% of its occupants will tell you the toilets and bathrooms is always a pigsty. Lord have mercy if your soap or sponge falls while having your bath,don't bother picking it up except of course you are a pig; to avoid urinary tract infection every girl has her own little bucket where she answers the call of nature.

So it was a huge relief when a new female hostel was built though expensive than the former but more comfortable. It was more like a self con except that each wing had a general kitchen, still that's fair treatment. 

Unfortunately, the hostel had a glitch. It shared its boundary with a farmland owned by a very nosy female porter whom also stays there. Instead of my colleagues to use the toilets in their rooms they would use a nylon and fling it over the fence into the farmland.

On this fateful thursday morning, everyone was summoned by the hall governor for an impromptu meeting and alas here was our nosy porter crying, cursing and promising fire and brimstone upon God knows who. She was cooking a pot of soup for the family when an uninvited guest landed inside her food.#yea,surprised huh? # Miss somebody had done the usual and kinda miss her mark hence the s**t inside the soup.

It was a very hilarious moment but miss somebody might have denied that family breakfast or worse. That day will ever remain fresh in my memory and even now, I'm laughing so hard my stomach hurts. Till next week when I'll give you more juicy tales. Don't miss me much.




  1. HOW SAD. I can imagine the hurt the porter felt. Chei!! Favour may shot put never land inside your pot oh!

  2. The antics uni students get up to - we all could write epistles on them....


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