Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guilty pleasures

Just how sinful is a box of chocolates? You may never know until the doctor asks you to shed a few pounds and you end up sneaking a piece into your mouth.

Guilty pleasures are things we enjoy and consider pleasurable despite feeling guilt;This guilt is often because of fear of others discovering our lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes, rather than moral guilt. There are things we do but don't talk to anyone about. If we really like doing something, we shouldn't feel guilty about it right? So what are yours? Here are five guilty pleasures a lot of us indulge in:

1. Pinging while in church
   You know that awkward moment when the pastor is preaching and the message is soooooo....#yawns#
We see that as an opportunity to tweet, facebook and read e-books just so the time pass.

2. Regifting
    This is actually something I think a lot of people do but few will admit. It fits the definition of guilty pleasure. It's so much fun to take that lame gift and pass it on. No need to feel guilty because the person you gave it to will probably pass it on too.

3. Dipping bread inside the tea
     I did this as as kid, and I'm telling ya it still feel so good and pleasurable.Of course my friends are like *ewwwwww* but when am alone having tea,I don't sip. I prefer the kiddies version.

4. Sarcasm
    Nanya my dear friend was wondering while a lot of  people waltz through life and l replied " that's because what we are doing is tango". Not exactly pleasant but a lot us can't help but be sarcastic at every turn. It gives people the impression that you are bitter and impolite. #who cares?#

5. Watching movies during school hours.
   After long hours of lectures and assignment sometimes you just stab classes,lounge in your hostel or room and watch that recently released movie you downloaded for free or collected from a friends pc.

6. "creeping" on facebook
    Also known as stalking in the real world. This usually occurs when there is some sort of homework you have due in 7 plus hours and can't seem to focus.  So you start to click away on friends of friends profiles going through their pictures and after an hour of that you realize you are on your cousins best friend's sister's roommate's page and just learned that she get's a little crazy after 7 jello shots. Then instead of clicking out of the page you see what her boyfriend looks like.

So bring it on!!!!! what's your guilty pleasure? don't tell me its watching Nigeria idol audition else I won't talk to you ever.



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