Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mrs Gasbag

Mrs funsho was a woman everyone in the neighborhood was afraid of. She was a very volatile woman that goes off raining abuse at any slightest provocation - once she starts there is no stopping for her until she is satisfied with dishing the culprit a heap of unwarranted insults. Her bullets spared no one whether toddler, teen, adult or the aged.

On that fateful day, Mrs Funsho was involved in a heated argument with Mrs Akande and as typical of her she used her signature #her loud mouth# she told Mrs Akande, "l promise you death would come calling in your house tonight". She knew she didn't mean it and the neighbors never took it to heart they figured it was just one of those talks. That night Mrs Akande was visited by armed robbers and shot. She died. There was no way Mrs Funsho could exonerate herself as all the neighbors were witnesses to her supposedly empty threat hence she was sentenced to life imprisonment.Hmmmm.... how sad.

Many of us are like Mrs Funsho, we feel because we have mouth anything can be said at any place and anytime. Talk is cheap but if God honours everything you say, then it would be very costly. This is in contrast with silence which is golden. Excitement, anger and other emotions prompt us to say a lot of things we don't mean. A saying goes "speak while you are angry and you will make the best speech you will regret" how true.

Apart from emotions, talkativeness is an innate character of some individuals. This makes them to talk endlessly thus boring their listeners.

I am a Gemini and one of our features is the gift of the gab. I experienced this while l was much younger. It always landed me in trouble but as l grew older l learnt to curb this habit; trying to speak when necessary and choosing what l say. Sometimes I default and other times I'm successful. lt is a gradual process.

You have one mouth and two ears so you can listen more and talk less. Your brain coordinates your body activities and not your tongue, so think before you talk. Next time you consider giving someone a piece of your mind ask yourself this question, " if God were to honour this, what would be the result? "

written by Gideon Chukwuemeka

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