Monday, September 16, 2013

Affordable Ways to be Romantic.

After being with someone for a long time, most things become a routine and sometimes boring. Keeping the relationship green requires a lil bit of work and attention.  Even though you  already know the do’s and don’t of your partner. Coming up with ideas to spice up your love life doesn’t have to be so difficult, the main deal is simplicity. With these tips you don’t have to consider the weight of your wallet. Its cheap, affordable, romantic and fun. Give it a shot .
 Write a note saying ‘’ I thought of you today and it made me smile’’ be sure to leave it where he/she will find it.

On a warm nite , organize a backyard picnic. Spread a blanket on the ground and get some snack, chocolates and a suitable wine. lie down on the blanket and gaze at the sky together.
When your partner is sitting at a desk or table, come up behind him or her and give her a back, shoulder and head massage. Finish with a gentle kiss.
Buy a tree with your partner and plant it in a special spot. Each year on your anniversary, have a glass of champagne next to your tree and talk about how your love and the tree has grown.

This one is for long distance relationship, its gonna take a lot of work and precision but it’s a nice stunt if you can pull it off and its definitely going to be a wow moment she won’t forget in decades. Organize to catch up with her online, keep this constant* try the instant messaging app*. Then arrange a secret trip without her notice. Meanwhile, arrange with a close buddy to log on with your id and password while you are standing outside her door. Then call your friend and ask him to write the following words ‘ I really miss you tweetie, and I wish I could  just reach out and knock on the door’ as soon as he has sent the message , knock on the door *yippppeeeeee*
Really affordable ways to be romantic huh? So now we*ladies* don’t  get the flimsy excuses. Therefore,dudes give us the perfect moment . It doesn’t have  be the fast food and ice cream or popcorn tradition anymore. Get creative* we are tired of the status quo*. Seriously, keep the love alive, it matters. Even if your partner never becomes your spouse, leave pleasant memories and not awful ones. I’m outta here.

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