Friday, September 27, 2013


Person go go school; Asuu and FG no go allow am graduate as at when due.

Person go subscribe or buy megabyte but no go get megabyte to take browse.

Shebi dem say travel by air is safe?  Why for Naija we dey fear to travel by air?

Person go finish school; common job to take cool temper person no go see.

Police man wey dey safeguard civilians no go get better money as salary wey go do am to stop am to take bribe.

Person go put him positivity for him business but the atmosphere just dey knack am akpako with negativity.

Person go suffer build house finish na that time government go remember say them wan plant flower there come demolish the house.

Person go steal maggie them go burn am; but person wey dey office just dey steal billions just dey laugh dem.

Person go dress finish to go serve God; another one go come bomb am for inside God house chai!!!

Monkey dey work; bamboo dey chop; these are few but temptations in our country.

Include yours.

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