Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Perfect Makeover

Every bride wants to know how she's going to look like on the big day, so she hires a make-up artist who gives her a make over and if she likes the look; the artist is hired. If she doesn't then its a goodbye.

A lot of us wear expressions as the biblical Joseph's Coat of colours.

Who do we blame for the mask we wear? Society that defines how we are supposed to act even if it's all a huge pretence; a mock show that we put in front of people so they pat us on the shoulder and don't speak ill of us. Or is it the parents, who wake up every morning and wipe the tears from their eyes, smiling to the world, telling everybody that everything is all right? Or is it us? do we hold ourselves accountable for lacking the strength to show others who we truly are for fear of ridicule.

The masks that people wear are real.The existence of this mask can be seen in the fake laugh that explodes from a person who tries to look good in front of his/her superior. It's in the girl who go out of her way to look thin just because that's how society will accept her,  even though she knows she had rather be devouring the ice-creams and chocolates every night.
It's in the husband and wife who scream at each other every night but when they appear in front of others, they act all sweet to each other. It's in the hundreds of people whose heart are in a mess and when asked " how are you?" They answer,"fine." As if there's a new universal definition for fine that says, " a total state of misery"

The greatest lies are the ones we tell ourselves. We live in denial of who and what we are, even what we think.  Just because we are afraid,we fear we will not find love and if we do we might lose it. No one want to be unhappy.

So when you wake up tomorow morning, ask yourself, are you going to meet the world wearing a mask of a person you're not? And if you think you're not wearing a mask, could it be that maybe, the mask is so stuck to who you think you are that you don't even know its there anymore? That's something to think about. For me I guess the perfect makeover is to be YOU.

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