Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome Night Vigil, Goodbye Restful Sleep

I don't joke with my 6-8 hrs routine of sleep. So when my Dad insisted on Friday evening that everyone must accompany him to his friend's church for a vigil, I couldn't help but smirk.

Reluctantly I wore my fuzzy socks and hood and hopped into the car. My cousin and I were still grumbling when we got to the church, but we were amazed by the beautiful decor, great sound system and cozy environment. I was starting to feel relaxed until the time for prayers.

Obviously it was warfare night, hence the songs followed suit. Actually I was dazed and particularly thrilled by two songs.  The soloist had sing "Jesus is my bulldozer " then the congregation will reply "amen,he's my bulldozer amen." The other one was even more interesting as she would say "Holy spirit you owe me something'' then the reply would be "you owe me money " I almost said iphone. 

Little of the word was preached as we came to pray out our enemies that night. So I was surprised when we were asked to raise our weapons of warfare, as a diligent believer I raised my bible. A tug at my arm jolted me to take note of my surroundings #gengen# what I saw was lots of canes and sachet water; I almost thought we were going for a protest probably to HELL and asked the devil to leave us alone. Alas the devil was going to be flogged that night.

Even though it was a long night, yet it was an eye opener. Guess no one in my house was surprised when the topic of morning devotion suddenly changed to "The believers Authority''

So i wonder,when will christians learn the principles of dominion?  I agree there are powers and principalities but God forbid they take 90% of my communication with him. If only we learn to channel that energy towards growing deep on Gods word then the victorious christian life will be easy for us. Have a spirit filled week.




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