Friday, September 27, 2013

The Perfect Alibi

Dectective Vance was killed by a hit and run the same nite Carlos checked out of Rehab unannounced. Gaby was really worked up but fortunately Carlos had an alibi; he was in the police station at the time of the accident. Great intro huh? Anyway that's a clip from one of my favorite series Desperate Housewives #winks#.

TGIF!!!!! what's your plan for the weekend? Is it gonna be sports, games, relaxing at a bar,swimming or snuggling up to your boo at the beach? whichever ever one it is I'm  going to give you the perfect alibi for the weekend. So when next you hang out with your folks,there's gonna be a lot of story to wet their ears and when they ask you the reason you miss this week's hangout.Here's your perfect alibi

Facing the Giants.

If you've seen fireproof, then you need to see this movie. An old movie though, it follows the personal struggles of High School Football Coach Grant Taylor (Alex Kendrick ). He is faced with the possibility of loosing his job because his football team doesn't win,feelings of betrayal,inadequacy and infertility and his house and car are tearing apart. Like Job in the bible he resolves to trust God no matter what happens to him. Its cinematography is very great, its raw powerful emotion are moving and inspirational.  This movie has a strong faith-based storyline,thus narrowing its audience but there's no doubt christians would be blessed. However non- christians could be unreceptive because of itself religious overtimes but statistics say during the first few weeks of its preview 284 persons already surrendered to Christ #WOW#. Suitable for kids, teens, adults and the aged

12 Years A Slave.

A 2013 movie based on a book published in 1853 directed by Steve McQueen's, "12 Years A Slave " tells the story of a man kidnapped into slavery in 1841and forced to live in increasingly brutal circumstances. As a slave he can't often speak what he feels. What we read in his intensely private thousand yard stare is the agony of a man robbed of freedom,but also the moment to moment recunciation of that despair.Whatever happens he will persevere, he will survive,he will know misery but he will not fall into the trap of madness he will transcend. One of the actress sang " ain't got no clothes, no country, no friends, no nothing, ai
n't got no God" and because she had lost everything, she had only one thing left:she had life
12 Years A Slave is a movie about life that gets taken away and that's why it let's us touch what life is.

For Colored Girls.

Here comes Tyler perry with another block buster but this time madea is absent. Its poetry is hot and searing, its story an unbroken current of rage, pain, sex, abuse, solidarity, self and empowerment. Nine women in screams, weeping and weeping demand that you listen, that you don't look away,that you deal with the discomfort as they did. I really think Tyler Perry was more in sync with his feminine side when he wrote that movie.

Mrs Somebody.

Yea, this is a nollywood movie featuring Uche Jombo as the lead character. It shows the struggles of a young woman searching for a husband. Following a series of self-inflicted bad relationships,a desperate, fire and brimstone breathing, probably mentally unstable kaira( Uche Jombo ) gives up on love and marriage to focus on herself.

As she finds her self confidence, the vicious cycle of disappointment ends and she finds true love.

A message to the ladies - do not give boyfriends married men privileges.

Have a productive weekend.

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