Saturday, September 28, 2013

Break up lines

Being Dumped is awful, being dumped with a classics break up line is even worse. l really think if you don't like someone anymore just tell them. Why walk on egg shells or tip toe around the truth just to spare feelings? You just end up getting the other person confused . What does "l need to focus on my career " really mean?  Does it mean they really want to focus on their career or are they just over the relationship.

Below are some break up lines and their meanings.

1. "It's not you, It's me"= "It's totally you "

2. "l need my space " = "please delete me from facebook, twitter, and forget my phone number -you are smothering me"

3. "I'm just not ready for this kind of relationship." = "I'm just not ready for this kind of relationship WITH YOU.

4. " You deserve better than me" = " I deserve better than you ".

5. " You don't understand me." = " You don't understand me because your IQ matches your shoe size.

6. " l think we are moving too fast." = " You've left me 6 messages,flashed me 10 times and plastered my facebook wall with love quotes, you creepy stalker, you."

7. "You are going to make someone really happy someday." = " You are going to be alone forever."

8. " I don't want to hold you back " = " You are a drag."

9. " My feelings for you are so intense they scare me." = " My feelings for you are totally non- existent.

10. "We just don't have anything in common." = " we do ve a lot in common but one thing we don't have in common is our view on this relationship. "

Everyone knows how much breaking up sucks. Rejection is devastating no matter which side of it you are on. But, initiating it seems to be what throws people into a frenzy. Hence the ridiculous lies they tell in order to slither out of a relationship


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